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Mary Anne Bordonaro is now
Mary Anne Peck! 

A new name means a new website! Click on the link below to learn more about Mary, her publications, her writing services, and her workshop offerings. 

Mary Anne Peck (formerly Mary Anne Bordonaro) is a writer, educator, and workshop facilitator living in American Samoa. 

Mary earned her B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Winthrop University before moving to France, and then to American Samoa, to teach. In recent years, she has built her business as a content writer and workshop facilitator

Mary’s short stories and reviews have been published by BULL Magazine, Back Patio Press, Heavy Feather Review, and more. Her forthcoming book, Siapo: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, will be published by the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council in 2024 as an educational resource for the island’s youth. 

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